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Vitamin Arc unleashes your highest potential with our top-quality natural supplements that give your brain the boost it needs to ramp up your creativity, memory, and motivation. Our line of nootropic supplements is designed to kick-start your cognition and scrub the lethargy out of your neurons. Our products will laser-focus your attention and overcome exhaustion. You will cut through the brain fog and leave the competition behind in a cloud of inertia.

Our arsenal is also stocked with natural supplements that help you relax when the day is done and assure a peaceful sleep. Wake up refreshed and recharged with all the power you need to conquer any of life’s challenges.

From the environment, for the environment

We aim to be environmentally-friendly in every step of the way, from the sourcing of raw materials to the manufacturing process.

Top-quality ingredients

All our products are GMO-free, developed from premium quality herbs, plants, and extracts that we source from like-minded suppliers who care about their workers and the environment. Our current products are vegan, gluten-free, and enhanced with Bioperine black pepper extract for increased bioavailability.

Inclusivity at its finest

Vitamin Arc is a company of racially and ethnically diverse people bound by a single goal – to help people. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to make an impact.

Reliable delivery

From our doorstep to yours, we trust only the best providers to deliver our products as quickly as possible with the minimum carbon footprint. Wherever in the world you are.

Certifiable safety

Our products are entirely organic and vegan, using Good Manufacturing Practices in ISO-certified labs under EFSA guidelines. Our active ingredients are analyzed and tested by third parties, verifying safety.

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Your health and safety are our highest priorities. We use only the highest quality ingredients from different parts of the world to provide you with GMO-free and chemical-free supplements.

About our products

Nootropics are dietary supplements designed to enhance human cognitive performance by increasing memory, creativity, motivation, and attention. Our products stimulate the brain and recalibrate its focus from inefficiency to productivity.

• Significantly improves your cognitive performance
• Enhances your memory
• Provides energy to battle drowsiness
• Calms and soothes the mind
• Maximizes your productivity 

Why Vitamin Arc?

We believe that dietary supplements can support neurology as well as enhance your heart and well-being. Nothing is more important to us than your health and safety. Everything you put in your body must be of the highest quality and free from impurities.

Each dietary supplement on our website is manufactured following HACCP and GMP guidelines, and batch-coded. We are food-registered, and track individual products, tracing their content by use of an internal system.

From sourcing sustainable suppliers of herbs and plants to an ethical manufacturing process, we at Vitamin Arc are proud to operate at only the highest ecological, social, and economic levels.