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Overcome exhaustion and break through the limits of human cognition with our line of supplements. From vitamins, to dietary accompaniments, to neuro-hacking nootropics.
Vitamin Arc is here to give you the boost that you need, in the most environmentally-sound way possible!


Be the master of your mind!

Our line of nootropic supplements have been designed to wake your snoozing brain up and overclock your productivity. These supplements will take your motivation, creativity, and memory to a whole new level. Easily get ahead of your sleeping competition as your energy levels continuously jolt up throughout the entire day.

With additional supplements in our arsenal aimed for relaxation and peaceful sleep. Feel your body recuperate from all the day’s work and wake up with the strength to win life’s arena.

From the environment, for the environment

We aim to be environmentally-friendly in every step of the way, from the sourcing of raw materials to the manufacturing process.

Peek ingredient quality

All our products are made from only the most premium and top notch ingredients from around the globe to bring you the purity and quality you deserve.

Inclusivity at its finest

We trust only the best of the best in delivering our products at your doorstep, in the quickest way possible. Choose from either PostNord, DB Schenker and UPS for your logistics services needs.

Inclusivity at its finest

Everyone should have the opportunity to make an impact and this is what we stand for. Vitamin Arc is composed of a group of racially and ethnically diverse people bound by a single goal – to help people.

Certified to serve

Our products were made with Good Manufacturing Practices in ISO certified labs under EFSA guidelines. On top of being fully organic and vegan.

A Selection Of Our Products

Quality ingredients. Real results.

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Your preferences are our highest priorities. For that reason, we use only the highest quality ingredients from different parts of the world to provide you with GMO-free and chemical-free supplements.

About our products

Nootropics are dietary supplements that have been designed to unlock the limitations of human cognition. It stimulates the brain and recalibrates its focus from unproductivity towards better, more improved outlook.
Below shows the bare-minimum benefits of nootropics:

• Significantly improves your cognitive performance
• Enhances your memory
• Provides energy to battle through drowsiness
• Calms and soothes the mind
• Maximizes your productivity 

Why Vitamin Arc?

When taking supplements, your health should be a top priority. It is no wonder that everything we put in our bodies must be of the highest quality, risk-free and free of impurities.

Each dietary supplement listed on our website has all been approved based on rules from governing bodies to certify our legitimacy.

From the purchase of herbs and plants to the manufacturing process, Vitamin Arc is proud to use only the highest quality and we do it in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable way. 

Peek ingredient quality

All our products are made from only the most premium and top notch ingredients from around the globe to bring you the purity and quality you deserve.

Environment-friendly movement

Apart from the vision of Vitamin Arc to provide the people with opportunities to go above and beyond their productivity limit, we also aim to be environment-friendly in all the steps we take.


You will never go wrong with Vitamin Arc’s top notch shipping and delivery service. We ensure that every product is packed to perfection, protected, and will arrive at your doorstep in one whole piece.