About Vitamin Arc

Health and the environment should be humanity’s top two essential concerns. The environment is the sanctuary that gives us shelter. As humans, we have a responsibility to live healthy lives by nurturing and developing all the natural elements our planet has to offer.

Vitamin Arc was created to exalt the best of both worlds. We want to provide you with safe, top-quality supplements that unleash the power of your mind and body. And we want to sell them to you at a fair price while respecting the environment.

We are a premium dietary supplement brand based in Halmstad, Sweden, built on a solid foundation of ethics and sustainability. Our mission is to impact the planet and the people who live on it with our healthy arsenal of supplements and vitamins. We want to design a better tomorrow.

Vitamin Arc aims to change the way people approach health, life, and productivity. We believe you should grab every moment and celebrate each breath you take. Our supplements empower you to break through the ceiling of inertia and revamp your motivation so you can maximize your productivity throughout the day. Our line of products works wonders to help you fulfill your true purpose

Our inventory is rich with quality herbs, plants, and extracts that are vegan-friendly and easy on the environment. We use carefully selected ingredients and cautiously manufactured products based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point ( HACCP) guidelines, the international gold standard for food safety first developed in the United States to guarantee the quality of astronauts’ food in space. Our manufacturers also follow the strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements for food supplements and are batch coded.

Vitamin Arc takes extra measures to ensure our supplements are of the highest quality.

             Vitamin Arc follows all guidelines from the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA), “science protecting consumers from field to fork.”

             Vitamin Arc researches and verifies active ingredients using third-party laboratories.

             Vitamin Arc applies an internal system to track and trace individual products and their content.

             Vitamin Arc performs microbiological and heavy metal tests to further verify safety.

           Vitamin Arc excludes excipients or flow agents such as magnesium stearate and avoids synthetic fillers, a longer and more labor-intensive process than automatic capsule filling.

Vitamin Arc is selective in which suppliers we work with. We want to ensure that the workers who harvest our premium herbs, plants, and extracts have good working conditions and are paid fairly for their labor.

We constantly strive to improve the entire production chain and work exclusively with suppliers who share our vision. We request guided tours and meet employees on-site.

Vitamin Arc partners with freight companies that do business ethically. We choose climate-smart shipping methods whose top priority is the well-being of the planet and the people who live on it.

With every order, we plant a tree. We have partnered with OneTreePlanted.org to reforest the world.

Vitamin Arc is a certified e-commerce company with buyer’s protection.

Diversity is a powerful tool. When different cultures work together, it promotes solid relationships and inspires unique ideas. People from various backgrounds empower and educate each other.

Vitamin Arc is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that embraces cultural diversity, from the individuals around the world who harvest our raw materials to the people behind the desk who develop our e-commerce. We strive to be inclusive and promote collaboration between all individuals in the entire chain of production.

Vitamin Arc is committed to a future where people give the best that they’ve got and thrive in a healthy environment.