About Vitamin Arc

About us

Health and the environment are two of the most essential aspects humans should look after. The environment provides a haven for humans to live in, while the latter is responsible to take care and make use of the natural elements that this world can offer.

Luckily, Vitamin Arc has been developed to cater to the best of both worlds.

Who is Vitamin Arc?

Vitamin Arc

Vitamin Arc is a company based in Halmstad, Sweden that decided to impact people through fully herbal, vegan-friendly, and environmentally sustainable dietary supplements and vitamins. Using carefully selected ingredients and cautiously manufactured products that passed multiple third-party quality assessments, we believe that our lines will work wonders on clients.

We aim to change the way people approach health, life, and productivity through our arsenal of supplements. We provide individuals with opportunities to break through the ceiling of exhaustion and improve their motivation in order to maximize their productivity throughout the day.

This is what our line of products does for people, and will certainly do for you as well.

What are Nootropics?

Vitamin Arc

Nootropics are dietary supplements that have been designed to unlock the limitations of human cognition. It stimulates the brain and recalibrates its focus from unproductivity towards better, more improved outlook.
Below shows the bare-minimum benefits of nootropics:

• Significantly improves your cognitive performance
• Enhances your memory
• Provides energy to battle through drowsiness
• Calms and soothes the mind
• Maximizes your productivity

Why Vitamin Arc?

Highest standard

Vitamin Arc ensures that every product we release from our disposal are qualified within the highest standards, for the safety and confidence of consumers.

Shop safe

Each and every supplement from our arsenal has gone through certifications to give people the assurance that they need! Rest assured that all products strictly follow European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) guidelines and are manufactured with full adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in ISO certified laboratories. All of that on top of being purely vegan and certified organic!

Safety is a priority

Rest assured that Vitamin Arc has the best interests of the consumers in mind with every step we make. Your safety is our utmost priority.

Environment-friendly movement

Vitamin Arc

Apart from the vision of Vitamin Arc to provide the people with opportunities to go above and beyond their productivity limit, we also aim to be environment-friendly in all the steps we take. All products were developed from nothing but the most premium quality herbs, plants, and extracts from around the globe.

Vitamin Arc also aims to leave as little carbon footprint as possible from the sourcing to the manufacturing process. This way, further environmental-degradation through plastic waste, polluting waterways will be minimized and we can help the world recover.

Because we at Vitamin Arc believe that the environment is as equally important as the welfare of humankind.

Cultural inclusivity

Vitamin Arc

Vitamin Arc strives to create an atmosphere of cultural inclusivity, acceptance, diversity, and empowerment in the company. From the individuals all around the world that take part in harvesting the raw materials to the building blocks that developed this e-commerce. We push to break through cultural hinges and promote effective collaboration among employees.

Diversity is a powerful tool. Not only does it promote better relationships but also creates unique ideas from people of all backgrounds that will further shape Vitamin Arc and provide better service to people

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